Duncan McGibbon, Poet

This is the website of Duncan McGibbon, welcome.

Duncan McGibbon was born in Greenock, Scotland in 1949. He lived in Wolverhampton, Middlesbrough, Kent and Twickenham. He attended St Mary’s College, Strawberry Hill and King’s College London. He first published a letter on Natural History at the age of nine. At fourteen he won a a prize at a local poetry competition. At University he became involved in student politics with the then young Jack Straw, Kate Hoey, Harriet Harman, Jeremy Corbyn and others. He reviewed children's books and books on education for Catholic Education Today and The Times Educational Supplement. A teacher, he also founded his own Writer's Workshop which has an Arts Council website and draws on some of the best poets writing in the UK.

He was a member of the Poet’s Workshop which ran through the Sixties to the Nineties where his mentors were among others, the late Philip Hobsbaum, George MacBeth and Leonard Clark, and Peter Porter and the living Alan Brownjohn. He began publishing in journals in the 70’s.  He taught at every level of education from Severe Learning Difficulties to University. He lived and worked  in Geneva and Berne, commuting between his British and Swiss workshops, until moving to Bath. He has recently been a traveller in Australia. He led many creative writing classes, read at the Melbourne Festival and was a prize-winner at the Wells Literary Festival. His Poet's Workshop  celebrated its twenty fifth anniversary with an anthology, Divers (2008) He has published articles on Caribbean writing, music and poetry in various on-line periodicals. His published books are Channel (1998),  and The Consolations (2009).  His poems have appeared in the Summer edition of the Salzburg Review and a short story in the collection, Jigsaw (Berne.) He is a poetry convenor at the Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution. He has recently published a short story in a local anthology.



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